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Norton Audio launch new i-Series

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Like everything else in the world, there is no such thing as a perfect loudspeaker. However this fact doesn’t refrain Norton® Audio from being fiercely perfectionist and spend an incredible amount of time and energy finding the best components from each manufacturer and piecing them together in order to deliver, not the perfect loudspeaker, but the best-in-class of their time.

They are no shortcuts to experience in good audio product design. i-Series sound excellency, as in all Norton® products, is the direct consequence of the long-term cumulative research on hard-to- describe acoustic attributes that don’t appear on any spec sheet.

Norton believes that only the best is good enough and discards all the false faces of nowadays “art of compromise” that assumes that poor loudspeaker designs could be fixed focusing mostly on the rectifications that can be readily done in the DSP.
This shallow process elevates the statute of the lesser components in the audio chain to a level way out of proportion, and despite all the available DSP technology, more mediocre products are hitting the road than even before.

Over 20 years experience and know-how has surely taught us that compromised loudspeaker de- signs could not be fixed satisfactorily by brute-force signal processing.

With i-Series, Norton does what it should be done in the first place: good acoustic engineered speaker design right in the box.
Over that, Norton® stilly integrates all the modern signal processing technologies not as key features absolutely needed, but just as useful additions.

Norton® i-Series combines state of the art power electronics, advanced Digital Signal Process- ing and the finest acoustic technology engineered to ensure the best-possible sound quality with maximum impact in a way no more complicated than necessary. 

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