i1212W - Point Source Speaker

The i1212W is one of the most accurate and powerful com- pact-class loudspeakers on the market today. The i1212W is a tree-way bi-amplified point-source enclosure that associates the accuracy, pristine imaging and precise transient response of Norton audio coaxial technology, to a unique bass load design that provides unprecedented sonic depth not normally achieved from an enclosure of this size.

This bass-loading technic and the effective shared work of both drivers at low frequencies, allows the i-1212W to effortlessly reproduce frequencies as low as 45Hz in 4Pi radiation, rivalling the bass pressure of much larger 15” driven enclosures, but preserving the size, transient response and tone typically as- sociated to 12” drivers.

The i1212W it is primarily intended for use as a short to mid throw in semi-reverberant spaces where a single source offers a more coherent radiation field with less reflections. The con- trolled conical dispersion pattern provides predictable coverage in any orientation and is ideal for the wide coverage require- ments of near and medium acoustic field applications with the high output capability demanded by high-energy sound.

i1212W is acoustically powerful enough to work alone in small to medium spaces withoutany bass reinforcement, going down to 45Hz without strain. However when lower frequency diffusionis required, only subwoofers able to reproduce the deepest and most powerful notes one octave bellow are recommended. The Norton i218 subwoofer is built to take the stress of doing so continuously and adds the extended low frequency response demanded.

The i1212W can also be pole-mounted on top of i218, using the integrated socket. i1212W sound excellency, as in allNorton® products, is the direct consequence of the long-term cumulative research on hard-to-describe acoustic attributesthat don’t appear on any spec sheet. As a consequence, none of the following tech specifications will prepare you in any way to the exemplary Norton® i1212W sonic performance.

Usable Bandwidth: (-10dB): 45Hz-20kHz

Nominal Directivity: (-6dB): 80°

Maximum Continuous/Peak SPL: 127dB / 135dB 

Power Handling: 1900 W AES

LF: 1x 12” Weather-resistant 8Ω
MF: 1x 12” Weather-resistant 8Ω HF: 1x 3” Ring-compression driver 16Ω

Width: 360 mm

Height: 713 mm

Depth: 505 mm

Weight: 33 Kg

Material: baltic birch plywood

Top Hat

Connections: 2 x 4 pin speakon

Norton Audio i1212 diagram
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