i218 - Point Source Speaker

i218 delivers consistent performance down to 25Hz with extraordinary high-output density and it is built for the most challenging scenarios where vigorous bass and/or infra-bass is needed.

i218 handles massive dynamic transients with two high power 18” self-counterbalanced long excursion woofers.

Whereas long excursion driversmove a lot of air, they tend to producemechanical torque in reaction toasymmetrical diaphragm acceleration and airdisplacement. This effect, when not counterbalanced, isexacerbated in the very low frequencies at the point that thebox itself can move around if not tightly fixed. Furthermore when the torque is transferredto the box, a huge amount of vibration is also induced. Although the vibration can be damped or absorbed,it is indeed a energy loss and leads to unwanted box structure complexity with great impact on weight, efficiency, tone and size.

i218 internal geometry makes possible that the two opposing drive units effectively force-balance the resultant torque of their mass moments of inertia, greatly reducing enclosure vibration and movement. At some time both loudspeakers are firing the same chamber that ends in a single high pressure exit for the bass information .

i218 is primarily intended to add low frequency power and extension to systems based around any Norton i-Series product in order to achieve unparalleled low frequency response with high dynamic power and high impact bass.

i218 sound excellency, as in all Norton® products, is the direct consequence of the long-term cumulative research on hard-to- describe acoustic attributes that don’t appear on any spec sheet. As a consequence, none of the following tech specifications will prepare you in any way to the exemplary Norton® i218 sonic performance.

Usable Bandwidth (-10 db):25 Hz - 180 Hz

Nominal Directivity: (-6dB): OMNI

Maximum Continuous/Peak SPL: 132 dB / 143 dB

Power Handling: 3200 W AES

LF: 2 X 18” Weather-resistant 8ohm

3x Integrated Sockets

Width: 1198 mm

Height: 582 mm

Depth: 800 mm

Weight: 75 Kg

Material: baltic birch plywood

Connections: 2 x 4 pin speakon

i218 from Norton Audio diagram
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