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The P1 System is designed with the sound engineer in mind. They should feel free to focus their energy, talent and reactivity on the show itself not so much on the performance of the speaker system. In order to do that, the P1 is a self-sufficient system, not requiring any special refinement or complex adjustments by the sound operator.

The system is controlled by a dedicated processor. The speaker itself is so linear by nature that there is no requirement to introduce correction of any kind, either phase or frequency.

P1 system is remarkable in its design of simplicity, setup and operation. It is exceptional in its ability to imediately produce superior sound quality from the word go.

P1 system has excellent directivity characteristics. The sound is focused on the audience and a large proportion of the microphone/system interaction is reduced, providing more opportunity for high gain without feedback.

Accessories include a transportation flight case which is designed to accommodate 3 speaker units with two configurations.

The speakers are designed to transport easily with already assembled units together with all of their suspension accessories. The assembly of the speaker cluster is a very simple operation. One merely has to pull open the flight case cover to fit a few accessories and then lift the resulting assembly for use.

Usable Bandwidth: 218 Hz – 20 KHz

Nominal Directivity: 40° Horizontal - 30° Vertical

SPL: 107,5 dB

Power Handling: 750 W RMS

MF: 2 x 6,5'' weather-resistant 2 x 16 ohm

HF: 1 x 2'' HF compression driver 8 ohm

Width: 449,7 mm

Height: 737 mm

Depth: 500 mm

Weight: 40 Kg

Material: Baltic Birch Plywood

In Board

2 x 8 Pin Speakon

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