M2CX - Stage monitor

M2CX is a stand-alone coaxial two-way passive speaker with single (Point-Source) acoustic radiation in a very compact and low profile footprint. Designed for true “plug and play” operation, the passive crossover network uses elliptic topology with built-in phase compensation, real time compression driver protection and passive equalization.

M2CX is remarkable in its ability to achieve very high gain before feedback with very little or no EQ. The technology used in the elliptic crossover/equalizer, provides an exceptional immunity to feedback, combining a neutral tone to a great intelligibility even at high sound pressure levels.

The M2CX is a high performance stage monitor that doesn't necessarily need an external processor.

M2CX 2-way passive 8 Ohm design uses a single amplifier channel to deliver bi-amped performance for less space and complexity.

Usable Bandwidth: 60 Hz – 20 KHz

Nominal Directivity: 90° Conical

Maximum Continuous SPL: 128 dB

Power Handling: 800 W

LF: 1 x 15’’ Weather-resistant 8 ohm

HF: 1 x 2’’ HF compression driver 8 ohm


Width: 600 mm

Height: 408,2 mm

Depth: 540,8 mm

Weight: 35 Kg

Material: Baltic Birch Plywood

2 x 4 Pin Speakon

M2CX diagram
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